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Center for Therapeutic Massage and Athletics

The Center for Therapeutic Massage and Athletics is devoted to effectiveness in therapeutic treatment, new assessment and treatment methods and products that will promote and advance the art of the pre-clinical assessment and prevention and treatment of repetitive stress injuries.

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Rons Mc KnightRon McKnight is a nationally recognized and accomplished massage and injury prevention therapist and founder of the Center for Therapeutic Massage and Athletics, Inc (CTMA) located in Bethel, CT. He is an internationally renowned licensed sports massage therapist who has worked on athletes from all over the world and participated as medical and staff therapist in three Olympics (Barcelona, Atlanta and Athens) as well as the Goodwill games in Seattle…more


50% of you are already injured and know it!  85% of you are already injured and don’t know it.

We Can Help You Prevent Injuries

Athletes, Parents & Coaches

By utilizing specialized therapeutic massage techniques we can assess the athlete prior to the workout season, mid season, and at the end of the season. We can identify areas where athletes may have been “over-trained” before these injuries require medical interventionmore

Employers & Employees

Many workplace injuries are the result of repetitive stress. These injuries may be the result of sitting at a computer for extended periods of time or repeating the same motion over and over again. Simply stated, doing the same thing over and over again can cause injuries which produce painmore

Home Bodies & Weekend Warriors

Everyone loses sight of minor aches and pains until they are no longer minor. Having a perspective of how your body feels is one of the most poignant effects of therapeutic massage and assessment. This is the period in which clinical injuries maybe avoided…more

What are people saying?

Real words from real clients!
  • “He saved my career a few times. As a former semi-pro cyclist, I had tendinitis and other overuse injuries. Ron McKnight helped me heal and prevent future injuries.”
  • “I’ve seen too many kids injured in sports before they’re even teenagers. I could never make my son play less baseball – he just loves the sport too much – but at least I can help him prevent an overuse injury. Thank you, Ron McKnight, for looking out for young athletes!”
  • Thanks so much for fitting me in last Monday. My body and I enjoyed seeing you. I felt MUCH better after my session with you. Your knowledge and expertise have always amazed me and all of my friends that I have referred to you.
  • Big should out to Center for Therapeutic Massage and Athletics (CTMA) for my treatment today!!! On my way to running pain free again! See you next week!
  • Ron is the best! Helped me when I had my sciatica, and was about to consider surgery as the pain was so bad. He is professional and a great guy too. I highly recommend him.

Educational Services for Massage and Athletic Trainers

You have the unique opportunity to widen the scope of your practice or  obtain advance certification as an Injury Prevention Technician. This means you will be able to go into the community and create and manage repetitive stress injury prevention programs for individuals, teams and corporations…more


Knowledge is a beautiful thing for our physical self
The Devaluation of Massage Therapy and the Massage Therapist

The Devaluation of Massage Therapy and the Massage Therapist

In the beginning, massage was massage, was massage. Over the years, massage has greatly advanced, and has become a sophisticated...

Sports-Induced Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Sports-Induced Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Across the nation, there is a growing concern over the rising rates of overuse injuries. We don’t have to look...

Preventing Injuries : What’s Holding us Back from Prevention?

Preventing Injuries : What’s Holding us Back from Prevention?

When it comes to injuries, especially overuse injuries, people tend to focus on treatment rather than prevention. Doctor’s visits, X-rays,...

Injury Prevention Therapy for Athletes – What the Public Doesn’t Know

It’s no surprise that overuse injuries are on the rise when more than 60 million youth in the US participate...

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Learn More in These Publications by Ron McKnight

"The End of Stretching"

“The End of Stretching”, takes a look at the rationale for stretching and demonstrates that the purpose and the reality of stretch are not the same. Stretching prevents nothing. All stretching can do is increase range of motion. Training must solidify the increase in range.

When stretching your singular purpose must be to affect range motion not to prevent injury. 

Find it here…

Perspectives in Palpation

This book is to aid in laying a foundation for teaching trained massage therapists to assess reliably trigger points which are the precursor to injury. Ron insists that the therapists who work with him be trained in the technique of identifying and treating latent and active trigger points. By utilizing subjective and objective assessment and identifying latent and active trigger points we as a team can reduce repetitive injury by at least 40%. Find it here…