Injury Prevention Technologist Certification

Help your Clients with Repetitive Stress Injuries

Those who know me, know I’m passionate about preventing injuries due to repetitive stress. As a trained massage and acupuncture therapist who has worked in this industry for decades, I see a huge hole in the system. As advanced as medicine is today, the focus is still treatment, when it should be prevention. Physical therapy usually takes place after an injury has significantly hindered a person’s mobility.

Why do we wait until patients reach the point of pain and/or paralyzation to treat problem areas? The majority of the physical therapy and massage communities have overlooked a vital opportunity to treat potential injuries before they become full-blown injuries. I know I’m not the only one who’s passionate about injury prevention. There’s an untapped market in our community for this, and that’s why I teach a course for others in the Danbury, CT area to become certified injury prevention technologists.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports, that injuries are the leading cause for low productivity in sports and the workplace. For those of you currently working with clients who suffer repetitive stress injuries, I know your clients would be highly motivated to try preventative methods because injury prevention programming can increase their productivity, flexibility and wellbeing.

Taking a course in Injury Prevention Programming and Management to become a certified Injury Prevention Technologist would allow you to better serve your current clients and grow your business. It’s an opportunity for massage therapists and athletic trainers to become a more integral part of the prevention and reporting network.


As a certified Injury Prevention Technologist (IPT), you will be able to assess where teams and individuals are potentially injured or overused. Injury Prevention Technologists will be able create programming to prevent further injury and reduce costs associated with injury.

NCBTMB provider certification Core Curriculum

  • 48 Hours 12 CEUs
  • Perspectives In Palpation 12 CEUs
  • Charting and Grading and Data Management 12 CEUs
  • Treating Real and Pre-clinical injury 12 CEUs
  • Injury Prevention Program Management

The class takes place at Ridley Lowell Institute in Danbury, CT. Choose from dates in March and April. Contact us directly for more information: (203) 778-8292 or email us.

About the Instructor:

William Ron McKnight has been the principle of Center for Therapeutic Massage and Athletics since 1986. He is an outspoken advocate for repetitive stress injury prevention and has established a non-profit organization: The International Institute for Injury Prevention, Inc. Ron has managed sports injury and prevention at several Olympics and the Goodwill Games and has served on the board of the American Massage Therapy Association. He is also the author of two publications: The End of Stretching and Perspectives in Palpation.

Ron Mc Knight

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