Preventing Injuries : What’s Holding us Back from Prevention?

ctma-injury-preventionWhen it comes to injuries, especially overuse injuries, people tend to focus on treatment rather than prevention. Doctor’s visits, X-rays, medication, physical therapy all happen AFTER an injury has flared up. By the time they get treatment, the injured area is probably swollen, tender and not as functional as it should be. So, why do people wait until the point of pain and/or immobility to treat problem areas?

Anyone who is continually active is susceptible to overuse injuries. We’re not just talking about extreme athletes. Joggers can develop shin splints and recreational swimmers can get swimmers elbow. Any repetitive movement of tendons, bones and joints can end in injury. More examples of overuse injuries include tennis elbow, pitcher’s elbow, runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis and stress fractures. For many, these injuries are preventable, but there has to be a change in the mindset. Instead of focusing on treating injuries, people need to concentrate on preventing them.

Why aren’t more people seeking prevention? There are many reasons. One large reason is fear of trying something new. For years, the emphasis has been on icing swollen areas or enlisting in physical therapy. Other non-traditional methods, such as preventative therapeutic massage, are not as well-known. People might doubt it will work. Click here to read more about preventative massage.

Another reason more people don’t think about prevention is they don’t realize they’re slowly getting injured. Overuse injuries are subtle and occur over time – they sneak up on you. Still, others who do recognize symptoms of swelling and tenderness, don’t make the time for prevention therapy because they think their bodies can take it. They want to see how far they can push, like driving a car to see how far it will go on a tank of gas. They have the “No pain, no gain” mentality.

Even if a person is willing, it’s hard to find preventive care.  There is only a handful of professionals who are trained to help prevent repetitive stress injuries. If you are ready to focus on stopping overuse injuries, either as a patient or a trainee, contact the Center for Therapeutic Massage and Athletics. We are located in Bethel Connecticut. Call us at 203-778-8292.

Ron Mc Knight

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