Education for Massage & Athletic Trainers

To my fellow Massage Therapists, (LMT) and Athletic Trainers (ATC)athletic-trainer-ctma

You have the unique opportunity to widen the scope of your massage therapy practice with an advance certification as an

Injury Prevention Technician

I am Ron McKnight, I was an American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) National Board Member for seven years. In that time, I created a conversation about equating massage with injury prevention and the consequent expansion of the scope of massage therapy in this country. I created a resolution for the Connecticut Chapter of the AMTA, requesting that the National association take action on the resolution. At the Georgia National convention, the membership voted overwhelmingly to support the resolution, by position statement, advertising and marketing. The approved resolution died in committee.

Here I am again! I have taken my commitment to the point of developing a curriculum and a delivery system for preventing injuries in sports or in the home front.

As an approved NCBTMB provider, I am attempting to widen the scope of massage therapy to an advanced certification as an Injury Prevention Technician.

This means our therapists will be able to go into the community and create and manage repetitive stress injury prevention programs for individuals, teams, and corporations.

The program is a 48 hour CEU program and is currently not in an online or home study series. These classes are currently taught on location spread out over four weekends. Six hours each day. The cost is $125 per day for AMTA members and $175 per day for non-AMTA members.

If you are interested in bringing this expansive new educational program to your chapter or school contact us.