Home Bodies & Weekend Warriors


Everyone loses sight of minor aches and pains until they are no longer minor. Having a perspective of how your body feels is one of the most poignant effects of therapeutic massage and assessment. This is the period in which clinical injuries may be avoided. Homebodies and weekend warriors should have access to the injury preventive perspective and treatment offered by CTMA.

Select Therapeutic Massage deals with those conditions which the American Medical Association concurs that massage can be effective in treating.  We can effectively treat most of the following conditions in twenty (20) minutes. Many of the pathologies we treat with massage the AMA concurs are effectively treated with massage therapy.

Anxiety * Arthritis * Carpal Tunnel * Headaches

Insomnia * Stiff Neck * Shoulder and Trap pain

Tennis Elbow * Back and Hip * Knee and Leg

Plantar Fasciitis and Foot pain

Muscle Spasms * Frozen Shoulder

We can’t offer to relieve all pain in 20 minutes

Stress Massage This is a light touch massage and breathing combination that calms the heart and the spirit.

Seated On Site Massage is a massage done seated without disrobing and concentrates on the back of the neck, hands, back and shoulders and is accomplished in about 10 minutes.

Electrical Stimulation is used in conjunction with treatment and is usually considered to be Ultra-sound, Micro-electrical stimulation or Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulations or Tense.

Hydrotherapy is the use of hot or steam packs and poultice.

Paraffin Therapy can be used for stiffness and Arthritic conditions of the feet and hands.

Physical Assessment is a combination of finding trigger points, testing and recording baseline range of motion at major joints and then confirming assessment by the use of the goniometer, which is a device used to accurately measure the maximum movement of the joint.

Skin Tag Recording as Massage Therapists we are in the position to notice potentially cancerous skin tags on the body and record them digitally for future changes.