Take Steps for Injury Prevention for You and Your Children

Take Steps for Injury Prevention for You and Your Children.

Billions of dollars are being spent annually on physical injury. There are two types injuries, trauma and repetitive stress. Of the two very little is allocated to repetitive stress which is the most prevalent form of injury. Repetitive stress has an incubation period as it happens over time.  This means aches and pain that appear out of nowhere have been developing over time and we tend to have no perspective or sense of how or when this injury began or how it feels.  The key to preventing repetitive stress is dependent upon our having a perspective of our individual bodies. Massage therapy, is the one of the only therapies that can be practiced to convey a perspective to the recipient of their body and potential repetitive stress injuries.

Organizations which are established to assist in preventing disease and injury prevention appear to be missing the mark when it comes to injury prevention because their focus is injury prevention from violence not repetitive stress. No-one is immune from repetitive stress, yet the most attention and support is given to injury prevention which affects far fewer people.

Preventing anything is about pre-conception.  Your ability to be aware is paramount to enabling an approach for prevention.  We as people pass over our minor and aches and pains. This is testimony to the fact that we tend not to have a sense of our bodies.  We take the position that “it will go away”.  In truth, this is the incubation period for that injury, the body is saying, “Fix me now or leave me and let me go clinical”, it’s up to you!

Touch therapies are receiving a resurgence in popularity. They account for the few professions which use touch as a basis for assessing injury. These professions can be taught and practiced to assess and convey a perspective over repetitive stress.

The protocol for prevention is simple and it begins with a firm perspective of an individual’s repetitive stress issues, active release, and proactivity. Depending on one’s activity level, an Athlete could be assessed the beginning of the sport season, mid-season, and end of season or quarterly for those not so active.  Protocols can be adapted to an individual’s, age, body type, and abilities.

Surprisingly, awareness of the ability to prevent injury is lost to us, perhaps it’s not profitable enough? Could it be that injuries are more desirable than proactivity?  I want to resuscitate the concept of injury prevention as it relates to repetitive stress. It’s my desire to conduct talks to parents, groups and organizations to relive concepts of injury prevention. Look to my website www.preventionmedicine.com for my back ground and to schedule a talk or 203 778-8292

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